Access to accurate FP information is a huge determinant for uptake of FP services, something that residents of Kyenjojo District in Western Uganda do not have. Almost half of women in this particularly poor rural area have not seen FP messages of any kind in the previous six months (Kyenjojo District Health Department). 

As a result, use of modern contraceptives stands at a mere 18.5%, while fertility rate is at seven births per woman and unskilled birth deliveries are on the rise (UDHS, 2006).Kyenjojo district is sufficiently covered with religious structures of various faiths. However, religious leaders do not use existing platforms and regular contacts with followers to mitigate longstanding beliefs against FP practices in the communities. 

Religious leaders avoid speaking to young people about healthy sexuality by virtue of their age. Faith-owned health facilities (which are majority in the area) not to provide FP information to young people either. As a result, many under-age youths have unhealthy sexual practices and young girls drop out of schools due to early pregnancies and early marriages for lack of sufficient accurate SRHR information. 

Those with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are unable to obtain treatment and end-up infecting and affecting others, resorting to backstreet abortions and deaths. Religious leaders are closely in touch with youths, women and men; however, they have not made a conscious resolve to address the FP needs of highly vulnerable segment of the population. 

The proposed advocacy action intends to make religious leaders key providers of accurate FP information to women and young people. It posits that by empowering religious leaders with knowledge of FP needs in Kyenjojo District, and consultatively developing consensus to use religious structures in disseminating FP information, these leaders will consciously advocate for increased uptake of contemporary FP services. 

The action brings together health personnel, civic administrators, religious leaders and traditional leaders to a common agreement on matters of FP in the District. Out of this, religious leaders will have an action plan to implement FP interventions through their respective structures.

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We also provide advocacy, building technical support for the secretariat and member FBOs and religious leaders. 

With in the context of family health and well-being Western Uganda FBO Network provided over couple years of protection (CYPs) to women and couples by offering a full range of affordable, voluntary, high-quality Family Planning (FP) and Reproductive Health (RH) services through a network of 82 FBOs, faith-based clinics in district of Kyenjojo, eight mobile outreach teams and over 6 private providers in more than 17 sub counties of Kyenjojo district. Over the years, Western Uganda FBO Network has offered reproductive health information and services to more than 60, 000 under served. 

The Network promotes dialogue, builds the technical and financial capacity of faith organizations and religious institutions and facilitates sustained joint advocacy and programming in support of family health and well-being. It supports families to have increased access to information and quality services on family planning and reproductive health consistent with their faith. 

The vision of western Uganda FBO Network a strong and coordinated FBO contributing towards family health and well-being and its mission is to provide leadership to FBOs in western Uganda region through capacity building, joint Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking, Research and Information sharing


 This project has been supported by www.pia,org , , ,,kyenjojodistrictlocalgovermenthealthreport

Since we received funds from PIA we manged to sign the declaration with religious leaders in kyenjojo district committing to support FP and reduce infant mortality rate. and also the district committed it self to support religius leaders to use thier structures in advancing Faith + FP.

The District Vice chair person signing commitment on behalf of the the District. Hon. Tumuranzye Grace, behind is Rev.Stephen Kalyebara

The District FP focal person for kyenjojo District Nurse Winnie Kasoma left witnessing Rev.Stephen Kalyebara with Atuhaire Moses Director western uganda FBO Network also endorse their signatures after LCV February 2016 a project funded by PAI 

Shielk Abdulah the representative of UMSC /Kyenjojo Moslem community endorse a declaration to support FP in Kyenjojo District and many others from different faith.


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